Book Drama

Bookcases make a room feel cozy, they give a space character and dimension. They whisper in your ear and entice you to relax and pull up a chair... Whether you have time to listen to that little voice or not, how your shelves are arranged can have a huge impact on how the plot of your room shapes up. Here are a couple of tips on organizing those buggers so that it looks like you are a master of prose: 1. By Color

Possibly the easiest way to make a bookcase look unified - this one is an instant game changer. Simply by sorting the jackets by color your shelves give the impression of being more intentional. Gradate from one end to the other or collect into blocks of warms and cools. Either way, this option is so easy your 4th grader could read it (or arrange it).

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1.5. Monochrome

A subset of the color-by-shelf method is to make all of your books the same color. This one is a little outside the norm but certainly lends to a more minimal tailored look and helps to silence the visual noise of a typical bookcase. The easiest way to achieve the look is to turn all of your books page out - I know you don't know what they are, that's the fun of method 1.5. A different, more labor intensive option is to turn all of your jackets inside out, revealing uniform white spines. Write or label each - or don't. Labels can even be part of the design scheme.

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2. By theme

This is a great way to go for those who reference their collection more regularly. With this method, all of your design books decorate a few shelves, your self-help titles can comfort each other and his thrilling Tim Clancy novels can conduct covert intelligence meetings together. The overall look is a bit more eclectic, but lends well to accessorizing. Your mother-of-pearl opera glasses can serve as a bookend next to Phantom of the Opera and Pygmalion.

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3.Gallery Space

Some of us have more tchotchkes than we have books: this is the one for you! Let the books play the supporting role to your cool knick-knacks and objets d'art. How to do this? Start with the accessories and fill in the empty spaces with books.e464748922ca25cda3b960e975358cee64f864f0cc8b3fab71647bdc7f9786b7 005867017b8db1b10a84bceebf422ce3


4. Set the Scene

Let the scene set the tone: Applying wallpaper or paint to the interior of your bookcases can serve as the visual unifier allowing the individual books to fade away in favor of the overall setting of the room - a great way to go if you are looking for a way to find cohesion out of clutter. Play with the orientation of the books within - or don't and let the backdrop do all of the talking.

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5. Serendipity

Throw planning to the wind, let the plots fall where they may and stuff those puppies in there! True, this may be your tried and true method already, but include a touch that shows the chaos is intentional. A great example below: hang a few art pieces on the front of your shelves. This look says, " I am so interested in so many things that I just don't have time for a plan." The way to make this method effective is not to whisper the message. Shout it from the shelves, sister - be prepared to go big on this one or choose another option.

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6. Play Pretend

Don't have that many books and no shelves to put them on? Do you like the thought of reading cozily by the fireplace but don't want to dust and prefer the literary company of your Kindle? Embrace your visual bibliophile with none of the hassle. These wallpaper options give the look with none of the fuss. You'll be in good company with Fornasetti and Hermes in your corner. *Keep in mind that we are pretending they are bookcases - these babies are best installed on a "contained" wall where it feels like you would actually have a built-in.

0a41fd7af14383ee829e3f1fa50118ffPicture 39radC6AE6.1000x1000__38113.1376411098.1280.1280 308487fb3665a2c61ddd6d2117874dc5 34f83fcc727e772956bf8c82a16d796eThe only hard-fast rule in dressing a bookcase? Commit. Decide on the plan and stick to it right through to the final page. If the authors have to, so do you.

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Happy reading; let me know how it goes!