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I went to yoga this morning. 
It wasn't a very hard flow.
Usually I would be disappointed by this. I would spend much of the hour stressing and mentally lamenting about wasting my time and money on a class that wasn't challenging enough, wasn't burning enough calories, and since I was all worked up, it wasn't getting me to my place of zen either. 

This time I didn't feel the usual tension. I had shown up 3 minutes after the class time and the door was locked. I thought I was too late. Then the instructor came out of the restroom and I saw that I was the only one who had shown up. (It WAS 6:15 am...can you blame anyone for staying in bed until a decent hour?) I still felt frustrated and disappointed, sure that the instructor wouldn't want to practice with just one person in the class. To my sriprise, he said if I was ok being the only one, he was glad to do the class anyway. So we did. 

I was so grateful just to be able to do any yoga at all. I was so happy to be in the sunny studio with the soft music playing and 2 sets of slow measured breath resonating across the wood floors. These little things shadowed any expectations that I had about what the class would contain. My focus was on the simple fact that I got to practice at all.

I gave into the flow. My muscles weren't burning, I wasn't stretching into pretzel poses or working into the splits. With all the other elements boiled away, I found myself in poses I could do with my eyes closed (ok, I actually was doing that for most of them) and I was loving every minute of it. I stretched my breathing out deeper, I flexed muscles that I often neglect. The beautiful simplicity of the entire experience actually made it deeper, more meaningful and much more successful in getting to that elusive zen place. 

I walked out feeling like I had slept for a year. I felt mentally alert and physically refreshed.

Life isn't easy. It throws a lot of curve balls and is master of the ambush. 
We all know this is true - so we counter attack. We buy into the "no pain, no gain" attitude and overlook the easy or the simple. We think that if we do life right, it has to hurt just a little more than that. We try to cram more into every minute, we gloss over the rote pieces and we are bored the minute that life approaches that critical mass level of familiarity. If there is no struggle, there is no progress! Our brains scream. But maybe at least part of the struggle is in taking an extra moment or a deeper breath. Maybe we learn just as much from embracing the routine that life contains as we do from the new, different and difficult. 

What lessons have you learned from the simple things? Share them with all of us below!


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I hope you have a wonderful week - go after that bucket list with everything you have, lovelies. Resist the delusion defined by the fear of your own ability; enjoy the results.