3 Steps to Making an Empty Nest Feel Like a New Lease on Life

Does your new space have a lot more, well, SPACE? Are you learning to love the previously impossible silence when you come home from your workday only to look around the house and feel like the kids are still living with you? 

Once you've helped the kids trick out their new space in all the latest 'dorm-room chic' and you are settled back into your routine, your empty nest can feel empty of meaning and still seem so full of ... stuff! Here are my 5 tips to re-claim your nest and celebrate your new 'flight pattern' in life:

1. PURGE: Yes, your children are wonderful and you love them dearly. That doesn't mean you have to love the misshapen pottery from a forgotten 6th grade art class or hold onto their half-used spiral notebooks and questionably functional pen collection. Purging doesn't mean you have to get rid of memories you care about - it does mean that you should make space for the good ones and blissfully release the baggage of the bad. 

TIP: Talk to a Professional Organizer. He or she can help you sort through the 'stuff' that needs to be kept, shed those unwanted clutter pounds and make all 'keepers' easier to access (out of sight) when those kiddos come back looking for it. Live in the Denver area and want a great one? Give Sarah a call and she can get you squared away. She is amazing and will even sell/discard of your no pile as a part of her services!

2. WAIT: Now that you have all this extra room (and extra SELF) to explore, be intentional about it! This is your chance to figure out what you really want your space to feel like - don't get trapped in old habits when you are starting a new chapter. Think about the things you really love, consider how they can be a part of your new everyday. This doesn't have to mean extra stuff or money, you can use what you have. You can also choose a few key pieces that feel like the new you and integrate with the old - that's how life works, it works in your home too!

TIPS: Watch my TEDx talk on Visual Mantra, then create your own. Let your mind run wild, your are free as a jaybird and the world is your oyster - HAVE FUN WITH IT!

3. FORGE AHEAD: Just as your newly free offspring are charting new territory, so are you! Try on new parts of you that you now have time to explore, buy that fuschia throw you always liked and thought was too quirky - add some lime green into your wardrobe. Give it a shot - and if others think you are too old for it you can laugh to yourself at your refreshingly young spirit.

TIPS: Prioritize the spaces in your home that feel the least like you - (don't feel like you have to tackle their bedrooms just yet). Find those 'teenage-friendly' pieces you have been living with 'for now' and replace them with something that is 'you-friendly'. Haul those silk pillows out of storage, buy white towels for the bathroom; just revel in the best parts about being a grown-up and having a house that reflects all the facets of your exciting new phase!
*PS: Want an overhaul on your bathroom look without ripping the whole thing out? Maybe that harvest gold tub doesn't go so well with your new yummy white towels? Call Meagan with Colorado Tub Repair and give your old tub a new phase of life too!

New phases can be overwhelming - you have shed some past familiarities and ventured into the new unknown. Make your home into a space that both celebrates the phases that have come before and also helps guide you through the next - Enjoy your new nest!

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Have a wonderful week lovelies. Journey inside and enjoy the ride!