I Don't Care What Your Sofa Looks Like

Let's talk interior design; decorating; nesting ... let's talk HOME.

On my Design page, you'll notice that the first sentence ends with, "I don't care what your sofa looks like." What am I, crazy? Picking sofas is my bread and butter! Yes, that may be sacrilege for a designer but I think it's the best place to start for the most inviting, individual spaces. Let me tell you why.

Your home is not about your sofa. It's not about your rug or the art you have hanging on the wall. Your home is about the feeling you have when you walk in the door. It's about the life that this space hosts for you and the experiences that it makes possible. Remember that book club you had last month when you all laughed so hard your bestie shot wine out her nose? Remember last Christmas when the whole family was over and your dad read Polar Express to your daughter on Christmas Eve while your husband and your son set out cookies for Santa? 

THIS is what home is. These experiences. And you only get to have these because you have spaces that facilitate the types of interactions that feed your soul. 

The other thing our home does for you is serve as a tool to remind you who you are. Not only who you are, but further, who you want to be in the future. If you aren't conscious of the role your home plays in this part of your identity ... well, it's affecting you anyway. 

Commercial spaces manipulate you all the time with the power of space. They make you eat faster, spend more, and generally feel slightly inadequate - just enough to make you spend even more. 

Your home can be just as powerful in manipulating you {in a good way} to make you feel the way you want and to encourage you to keep moving in the direction of your ideal life. 

How do you do that? Use your spaces as a mirror. A mirror of you present self as you are - you get to be fully seen and loved for all your current awesomeness. Take that one step further and include a mirror of the self you want to become. Use your spaces as reminders of what that is and as inspiration and encouragement that that 2.0 version of you is just around the corner. 

That's some powerful stuff. Want to hear more? Watch my TED Talk about it - I like to call it Visual Mantra.



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