Why It Works Wednesday : Requiem for a Dream

We have made it again to another

Why it Works Wednesday! 

This is our opportunity to break down the good stuff to the nitty gritty and see what really makes it fantastic. This week we look at a space from flikr

why it works 4This room has a dreamy quality (perfect for the type of room, don't you think?) Why does it just seem like the minute your head hits the pillow you will be floating away to your favorite fantasy?

Two things are at work here:

1. bold color


2. dreamily implied bold color

The strong blue and green is so stylized that it feels straight out of a fairy tale but then the palette fades to watery, cloudy tones. In mixing the two, we get the impression that this is a slide being colored in by an illustrator for a book or almost as if the tale is beginning to be told by a master storyteller who has not quite gotten to the juicy parts yet.

So, this leaves space for us to fill in the gaps with our imaginations after we close our eyes. Who doesn't want to go to sleep every night to the environmental equivalent of  "Once upon a time..."? I know I do - now go color in those lines and fill in those details so that you wake up ready for the day (and anticipating your next dreamy encounter with this gorgeous room).


And that's why it works!


Let me know what you think of this room and what makes you ready to dream...

Love you - and enjoy your short week (I can't believe it's Wednesday!!)

<3, M