Why it Works Wednesday: Making a comfortable guest bedroom

Hello all!! Welcome to another

Why it Works Wednesday!

This is our chance to sweep away all the extra stuff and clear the mental clutter by looking at a room that is de-lightful and de-lovely and figure out exactly why.

This week's post is lovingly provided by Patterson Maker's tumblr. blog, Pretty Stuff, and yes, it most certainly is.


Here we have a dreamy guest bedroom that looks so soft and inviting you will never want to go home again. How is it that this room achieves such calm?

1. Spontaneous


2. Faded

One element that is working so well here is that it looks as though the room was pulled together from a collection of found items rather than being over-planned and over-designed. The art feels related but not matching and is hung asymmetrically as if the bed weren't even there. This casual arrangement triggers your brain to feel right at home stripping off your shoes and collapsing into the pillowy white cotton.

The faded quality of the palette is the product of a serious amount of restraint. This is tough to do people. Notice how much white is used and it still feels soft. It is important to not that the palette is not a stark, screaming white, rather it feels as though the sheets have been washed and washed and settled into a beautiful welcoming feeling of soft rather than an actual color. It almost seems as if they are one tiny step toward the soft pinks in the tulips and the luminous skin of the woman in the painting. As if to hint at the intensity the pink used to contain, we have faded reds that feel softened by time: the worn velvet on the bench and the well-loved book underneath the lamp. Also essential to our faded color is the burnished gold that accents the whole: picture frames, bed accents and lamps all seem as if the gilded formality has been left behind, leaving only warmth and subtle detail.

I am just itching to find some house slippers and a robe and take this puppy for a test run...

And that's Why it Works!!

Thanks again for joining, it is such a pleasure to have you. May you all plan a little less and enjoy a little more.

What do you love about this room?