Balancing Act.

A boss once told me that the true quality of a piece is found in the joinery, that is to say, in how it is put together. A quality piece will have well thought-out, well executed, integrated structure and design that  joins pieces together for a harmonious whole that seems effortless, like it just "is" and always "has been". The term "joinery" also includes the fundamentally more importantly, though often over-looked by consumers, problem of support and construction. It is easy to forget if we are talking about an innovative new design that deviates from the standard 4 leg support system, that the new support system should look equally as logical and should be integrated so well that the technicalities are forgotten within the composition of the design as a whole. float tableThe new Float table collection gives us a flawless example of how extra thought applied to joinery can have a big impact. Based out of Brooklyn, RockPaperRobot is a boutique furniture engineering firm. (Yup, that is a thing. Well since they made it one, it is.) specializes in "artful execution, staunch simplicity and unabashed style" and boy do they deliver. The Float collection, composed of multiple 5.5" wooden cubes, single-handedly (or, no-handedly) takes joinery to a whole new medium. Many furniture designers in the past have played with table designs that appear to be floating, the RPR design is actually floating due to the marvel of magnetics. Using opposing poles, the magnets resist one another and cubes are kept in place by minuscule cables to keep the cubes aligned. The magnets can calibrate to different strengths to accommodate placing objects on top of the piece. Play the video below - and prepare to feel like a 5 year-old at a magic show...

In celebration of RPR's innovation in joinery, let's join in a round of applause and take a look at a few other pieces that have mastered the art of being the strong, silent supporter so well you'll forget about the balancing act.

 rhomboid shelf1. Libreria Romboidale | Pietro Russo

drape table2. Drape Table | InMod

zaragosa coffee table3. Zaragosa Coffee Table | KGB Limited

floating drawer dresser4. Floating Drawer Dresser | Codor Design

runner table5. Runner Table | Duffy London

wolf shadow chair6. Wolf Within Shadow Chair | Duffy London

UP coffee table7. UP Coffee Table | Duffy London

lipstick console8. Lipstick Console | Hudson Furniture

hudson plexi base coffee table9. Plexi Base Coffee Table | Hudson Furniture