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This week we are going to take a step back. I am going to let you into my head and give you all the grand tour. I'll show you the man(dy) behind this whole collective consciousness journey. I want to talk about what I do, why I am endlessly fascinated by it and what that means for you. I always touch a little on this in each of our Monday blogs, but clarity enhances understanding and feeds further curiosity and I want you all to be as excited as I am to dive down this epic rabbit hole that I keep referring to.

So welcome! I invite you to settle in and get comfortable. we will begin serving drinks around 4 if you would like to stick around...

What is the deal with this collective consciousness stuff?

I believe we are all connected. That we are all more than a collection of atoms and that there is something infinitely beautiful about that currently undefined "stuff" that exists in the space between things (which I like to refer to as "the gap"). This includes spirit, essence, personality, character: the incorporeal parts of us that make each one of us so much more than a moving pile of cells. It also includes the infinite intricacies that exist in the gap from one person to another: love, fear, admiration, jealousy...the contagiousness of yawns. From my experience to yours, from my brain to yours, from my lips to your ears ... there is an intangible connection that exists between people. It is often unspoken and always powerful, pregnant and full of potential for even more. We will talk more about the gap later; it is an endless topic that begins to touch on the magic that is our universe and our humanity.

I love to connect the dots.

It is a constant game to me to look at a collection of disparate elements and find commonalities among them. I am enthralled by the endless combinations and connections that tie them all together. I believe that life is made up of very few elements. Just like the periodic table that catalogs all of the physical building blocks of life, there are a finite few metaphysical building blocks that, once defined and understood, will help us understand who we are as humans and why we are here. In finding and assessing relationships between seemingly random pieces of life/humanity/the universe we can get closer to a true understanding of the core elements that they share. If this is true, then a lifetime full of dots to connect will connect in many different ways. We can take the same set of data and draw a lizard or a bunny, a love story or an epic tragedy all with the right combinations of dots included. Let's include all the things and inspect them in a million different ways from the billions of perspectives that each of us offer as individuals and see what enlightening insights we come up with...

-Sometimes the connections we can make are quite unexpected. As a nerdy science-y type example, check out this example from GrrlScientist at The Guardian: What do pearlescent lipsticks, fishing wieghts and Pepto-Bismol share in common? Answer: Bismuth - check out #83 on your Periodic Table of Elements. These kind of unexpected connections happen outside of the physical measurable world as well. (PS: don't be scared off by the term metaphysical. It doesn't have to involve crystals and chanting. It simply refers to something that is beyond tangible this includes all of the pieces that we are talking about - emotions, creativity, etc.)

We exist in a constant state of Ouroboros.

This concept can trace its origins back to Egypt, Greece, Norse legend, Aztec, Hindu, Celtic origins and is a principle of Hermetic wisdom. It is represented by an image of a snake eating its own tail, see a couple of examples below. The basic theory of this fascinating process is that everything feeds into everything else. What we are now is a result of what we used to be. The seriously cool part about this is that it functions like a fractal in that any smaller piece is made up of pieces that display infinitely repeating self-similarity. No matter which piece you are viewing or which scale you are viewing from, they all look the same. We as a society are feeding the new with the old. Our trends and our tastes and our knowledge as a society is generated from that which came before. We are all a collective phoenix rising from the ashes of the past. My previous post on trends touches on this but there will be much more to come as this thread is as infinite as the self-similar ouroboros itself... stay tuned.

OuroborosThis Egyptian example is from Stephen Lindsteadt that I found through searching for images - I can't wait to comb through his post on the matter. Check it out, it is super extensive -wow.
7ourob8 Examples from Spira Solaris: Check out the details here



I know what you are thinking, "Whoa, metaphysical? This is all very woo woo - I am a logical person who likes to determine how I see the world based on facts."

I know, man. And I agree, we would be nowhere without logic. As a total math nerd I get where you're coming from. If we can't gather data and plug it into a few calculations, how do we know if its accurate ... or if it even exists at all? I believe there is a valid conversation to be had regarding things in life that reach beyond the limits of our 3-4 dimensional understanding of the world around us. I propose that we start with measurable, recordable information and observations and simply look for new patterns and relationships within that web that may not have been previously considered. If these elements are combined in a new way or understood through the filter of new paradigms then we may be able to learn something that is logical in hindsight but unseeable from our current point of view. (Think Copernicus and heliocentrism - we never know the basic truths that we are misunderstanding until we know better...)


These will serve as the beginning of my basic Principles of Collective Consciousness. I am sure there well be more to come, but we have to build our constructs from a solid foundation of accepted truths. A bedrock that serves as a zero point much like Copernicus' Seven Basic Truths or Jefferson's 5 Self-Evident Truths. We must build from something and these are as good a starting point as any. I welcome you to put on your spectacles and your thinking hats. This is a collaborative effort (yet another example of our societal ouraboros). Our goal is to better understand this journey we call humanity and within that understanding, to find better perspective that leads to more genuine and lasting enjoyment.

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Have a wonderful week, lovelies. Believe in your unique entelechy and actualize your wonderful.