Fall trend: Lose the etiquette guide and go grab a drink with your drummer

Autumn is possibly my favorite season with its sweaters, corduroys, squash dishes and chest-warming whiskey drinks (at least until March arrives and I innately begin craving jute wedges, mint juleps and anything lilac-scented). As the leaves change we are all wondering how to keep with the current tempo as we transition our wardrobes and our homes. Ironically, it seems the best way to follow the trends this Fall is, well, not to. The trend this this Fall is that we are collectively ditching "Trends" (according to "the" Bill Cunningham, we abandoned the old school idea of a "trend" a couple of decades ago, I'm inclined to agree).

it's so easy to connect virtually with others these days. We have a constant feed of their lives and their achievements and any marketing guru will tell you that we are all done with the hard sell and the soft sell and the sales pitch. We are looking for something real. In an age of digital connections with each other, we are collectively craving the basics, the authentic, the sincere. Our generation that grew up hyper-aware of those "Joneses" has decided at last that we don't care what they are doing; we have our own agenda. Fall (and Spring 14 as well) reflects this return to the heartbeat of style. We are donning our t-shirts, wearing them alongside grandma's cameos and lace with dad's motorcycle jacket and unabashedly sporting them to the clubs as if we don't care - because we don't (just ask Icona Pop). In an age of easy and affordable instant gratification, we want what we want, we listen to the music that inspires us and we wear it the way we like it. The Joneses can go ... well, they can go do the same and f@$% 'em if they can't take a joke.

As we construct our interiors, we follow the same mentality. We don't select paint colors based off of the new fashion or the next big thing, instead, the new trend in our spaces (if there is one) is that they truly reflect us, who we are and how we choose to live. The playlist wafting over the sound system is an unpredictable mix of Nora Jones, Jay-Z and the soundtrack of Wicked. We delight in compiling a truly individual interior and then having the Joneses over for Tapas, boggle and home-brewed beer rather than a 4 course meal with matching linen napkins and perfect wine pairings.

So go wild; take the plunge; toss the rule books! As long as you are keeping the basic principles in mind (scale, color, rhythm) you have free reign to march to the beat of whichever drum suits you (pun fully intended). This Fall it's all about your style and your interiors reflecting your personal cadence.



Bowerbird by Sibella Court (The Society inc.) Photography Chris Court


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