Horrifically Inspired Interiors

Happy Halloween you crazy cats, you! In honor of this creepy holiday I have consulted the experts and compiled a list of the ultimate elements you need in your home to make it the perfect scene for the next horrific blockbuster. These settings are great inspiration to get you shaking in your boots!

The Shining








Okay, the now-hip-again David Hicks broadloom carpet aside (because that is just a given), the must-have elements from the Shining include:

1. An industrial sized kitchen

2. A typewriter perched on a huge dining table in a vacuous great room

3. Hedge maze out back - or out front - keep it interesting when you invite the in-laws over.

4. A killer bar - backlit surface and nonexistent bartender a must

5. Twins, definitely twins



Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream" 05_Flatbed_1 - MAY







6. A good stove and stove top Jiffy Pop

5. An easily accessible 2nd story bedroom window for your daughter's boyfriend.

4. Glass patio doors and a backyard swimming pool

3. A voice disguiser at the ready (just in case you want to give someone a call)

2. Garage fitted with: Beer fridge, doggie door, sturdy door motor

1. Cordless telephone

Pet Cemetery

pet-sematary-1_133970737480 petsematary3851







5. Tire swing

4. Screened in front porch (all the better to see the cemetery)

3. Super creepy portrait of a young girl in a blue dress

2. A scalpel (never know when you will feel the need to cut someone's achilles)

1. The true essential: a black house cat

Also, in general it is good to have a house that is remote, dark and foreboding. This can mean situated high on a hill or deep within or right on the border of ˆ woods. Barring those, bad phone service will suffice. Lastly, the #1 element you must incorporate for your home to be classically Halloween-ready, need I even say it? A frosted plastic shower curtain is a must. How else will we see your bloody handprints? (Thank you Hitchcock.)

Have a spooky one my loves-