Go instead where there is no path...

I was recently lamenting to my sister about the difficulty in knowing how to make the right decisions in life. "Why can't I just have a road map that shows me exactly where to go? That would make things so much easier!" As soon as I said this, I heard a little voice in the back of my head that whispered to me: Seriously, lady. The minute someone hands you a roadmap and tells you to proceed straight to GO and take a left at Park Ave is the same moment you dig in your heels and say, "Says who? I can figure it out myself!"

And I knew that damn little voice was true.


A favorite quote of mine forever (at least since I had braces, let's not go there) is from Emerson:

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

As much as I make myself crazy trying to decide on the perfect path consisting of only the right decisions, I know that I need the freedom to make the journey my own. I know too that a path chosen for me, labeled as the "ideal route" to all I want would not be without its bumps, detours and delays. Why then, do I feel that the road I choose need be without any of these complications? No road is perfectly straight, flat and impeccably paved. -And if it were, wouldn't we get bored for lack of interest? -And wouldn't we also miss out on the excitement of how to lean into a curve and brace for the unknown around the corner? Shouldn't we revel in developing the skills to drive a much more interesting terrain?

I have had a personal blog for awhile that focused on finding bliss in the everyday and have recently started this interiors blog as a forum to discuss the latest in design and the creation of spaces that make us happy to wake up in the morning. I came to an impasse trying to break my daily passions into two separate little sites that fit into the typical "lifestyle blog" or "interiors blog" categories. But you know what? As I kept repeating on my initial site: Life is too short. Life is much too short and people and thoughts are not easily categorized. All of the bliss that I was writing about on my personal blog is bliss found within the settings of: our world, our community, our family and friends, our homes and our selves. It is bliss in the inside of a wide array of interiors. The bliss we all seek is within various settings, within various frameworks of "place" but it is all a part of our daily interiors. And our lives are more rich and full if  insights aren't filed away in separate, orderly drawers (I find that inspiration is rarely neat and organized).

So together, friends, we will embrace the best of all worlds and find how life's everyday inspirations affect all of our interiors: in both our mental and our physical spaces. Why be exclusive? Let's invite everyone! Invite your attic, invite your car. Bring along your acquaintances both personal and  professional. Let's even invite that weird guy down the street - he may be the life of the party. And don't forget, without fail, bring along your passions. The interior of you - because without that, we can't make our own path, choose our own way and we can't fully enjoy the ride.1cfda758c950c9fec65a3a184d210cf4