Go toward the light: Physics meets religion

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” 
― Hermann Hesse Almost inevitably a spiritual search becomes a search for divine or sacred light. By cultivating our inner core, we search for this light in ourselves as well as the divine. -Lama Surya Das

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Today I am going to end your search. The search that we all undertake to find something bigger; something sacred; something universally true.

Let's set up a few foundations (In case you missed the previous posts that got us to today's hypothesis click on the links within each to fill you in):

Given that:

1. Throughout history, humans have struggled to find the light, we are seekers of a greater purpose. Often this search has been conducted under the umbrella of religion, or maybe more accurately within the gazebo of the less restrictive term "spirituality".

2. E = mc² where c = the speed of light

3. Entelechy = innate potential, contained within each of us

If all of these are true:

Then, WHAT IF we = c? What if we ourselves, humans, are the very light that we are all seeking?

Let's expand. Previously in Mental Space Monday, I talked about how the speed of light constant "c" can teach us the secret to happiness. That we are all striving to find and ultimately become the light - but I am going to challenge our previous hypothesis. Let's review our working definition of light:


It is still true that light is illumination, understanding and ignition. We said that light, or the light is "bliss". It is our burning, fiery passion for life, both moment to moment and also in a bigger humanity/life sense. What needs to be altered from our previous hypothesis is the source of this light. In the E = mc² post, I was saying that in order to move at the speed of light we need to find this light; to tap into this force that is somewhere in the universe. BUT WAIT. In a post shortly after that we discussed the innate potential that we all have within us; the entelechy at our core just waiting to burst forth and realize all we can be.


Our entelechy is the light we are seeking.


That means that there is no need to keep racing about, chasing our tails, looking for that myth of a final destination. Rather, we are fully equipped to emanate the light, to be the destination. The root of  enlighten means to awaken; to shine. What if we can shine our inner light right now; no search necessary because it is within us. Ok, let's be honest. I am not the first to come up with this idea...not even close.

Let's look at just a few other notable references to humanity's inner light or  "c" value:

Buddhism: all beings are imbued with a spark of inner divine light; a pure radiance or innate luminosity Christianity: You are the light of the world - Matt.5:14, also of course the concept of the Holy Spirit Hinduism: the creator deityBrahma, understood to manifest itself as "light" within the human being. Judaism: mystics speak of the inner spark or the spark of God, also Shekhinah - Judaism's term for a presence in a holy place of the tabernacle as representational of the human body or being, it likewise refers to the presence of God in the human being. Muslim: the Koran, referring to man, talks about the little candle flame burning in a niche in the wall of God's temple. Quakerism: the Light within is, in early Quakerism, that which William Penn called "the first principle." 

There are more - (read here for just a taste). It is a common thread among religions and spiritual schools of thought that we all carry this light within us.

So we would be well supported in considering it a given that we are the light. Or, more accurately, that the light exists within us. And as Einstein proposed, the speed of light is a universal constant - the only one. If you google physical constant, it calls c "the speed limit of the universe". Ready for just a little more? It would follow that if we are c, the speed of the universe is fully determined by ... us. We are the drivers in this thing we call reality and if we can increase our light, our c, we can go further, faster - we can expand just as the universe is expanding. It is all up to us - it is all within us, within the entelechy of our c. What a powerful realization.

So floor it, my friends. Ditch the doubt and fear out the window, put the top down and let the wind flow through your hair. Granted, easier said than done, but any priciple supported by science, language, cultural and religious arguements seems like a pretty good reason to believe in yourself and your own inherent possibilities. Stoke the fire, feed your light and you just may awaken new possibilities.


PS - for all you physics geeks - yes, I am aware that there are new theories that the speed of light is not always constant after all. This makes sense too though, yes? If the speed of light can vary based on "variations in the vacuum properties" as some studies show, then all the more reason that we must make sure that our selves and our lives are light friendly. This makes it even more important that we foster an interior environment (call it a vacuum if you want) that is conducive to growing our flame; increasing this previously constant light to something even greater. It also means we have to be uber conscious that we are surrounding ourselves with people who fan the flames of our inner light rather than those who put on those pain in the @$* plastic vacuum extensions with the round brush things at the end (how exactly do you use those?) and suck out all of the oxygen that feeds our light.

Thanks for diving down the rabbit hole with me!

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Have a wonderful week, lovelies. Believe in your unique entelechy and actualize your wonderful.