Ground-breaking Landmark Collection by Watson & Co

Let's start this puppy off with a subject very close to home - and a discount to boot. You are all getting in on the ground floor here (that's a pun - wait for it...). Think of this as an invite to a pre-sale at Filene's Basement. (RIP. We are still waiting eagerly, faces pressed to the doors for a re-launch.) Watson & Co has created 2 new furniture lines that they have built from the ground up (another pun, stay with me here...) I have to say I am more than a little biased, as I worked with Christopher and the Watson team to design these beauties, but see for your selves, this is good stuff.

The larger of the 2 collections is called the Landmark Collection with designs inspired by famous buildings and architectural features. (Hence the nerdy building puns.) If you can't live in Manhattan,  these pared down, sleek interpretations will bring Manhattan to you.

Triangular, like its namesake, the Flatirion end table is perfect to wedge between a pair of chairs or show off at the end of a sofa. Bringing back the semainier chest of 18th century France (basically a 7-drawer chest, a drawer for every day of the week) is the Brownstone Bureau. This gorgeous veneered version of a city brownstone would feel kitschy, save for the pared down details and brass bin pull hardware (serving as the awnings above the "windows". In the spirit of my terrible puns, there is even an "Ionic Drink Table" that "ionically" uses the negative space in the table's form to shadow the column of its namesake. See below for the other 3 designs in this truly one-of-a-kind collection.

Watson & Co. started with the owner, Christopher Watson and a booth of antiques. Combine that with a keen eye for design, a possibly unhealthy passion for finding "curiosities" at an almost manic pace and 20+ years and you have the now formidable Watson & Co. I started working with Christopher in 2004, about a year after Christopher expanded his business to include Interior Design services. Over the next 8 years the company expanded. Clients raved and Christopher's devotion to eccentric, quality design expanded into product design. The Landmark Collection is just part of the initial launch of products that also includes hip, colorful lacquerware and a refreshingly random set of cast "brass curiosities". Watson & Co is opening the door to innovative, well-designed product that is unlike anything else on the market. Sounds like a blueprint for success if you ask me (I know, but I just can't resist).

Check out Watson & Co's collection here: Mention Mandy Sampson Studios and they will extend an extra 10% off - (What can I say, those guys are the best!)

furniture-landmark-flatironendtable_01Flatiron End Table

furniture-landmark-brownstonebureau_01Brownstone Bureau

Ifurniture-landmark-iconicdrinktable2_01onic Drink Tablefurniture-arcadecocktaletable-noglass_01Arcade Cocktail Table

chryslerpedestalChrysler Pedestal

furniture-cathedralconsole-noglass2_01Gothic Console