How to Mix Decorating Styles: Why it Works Wednesday

Hello my rock stars - I hope you are enjoying your beautiful spaces! Welcome to another enlightening edition of

Why it Works Wednesday!

Today's delightful Dining Room comes to us from Georgiana Designs on tumblr.



Here we have a dramatic space that incorporates modern with traditional as smoothly as the butta' you know they eat in here. Don't you just want to sit down and toast to ... well, anything?

So we are in a traditional space and we have an uber traditional rug, chest, moulding, chandelier and other pieces. How is it that the modern dining table and chairs and artwork feel so at home in such a setting?

1. Juxtaposition


2. Color control

First, the juxtaposition between the 2 styles is distinct. Because there is no middle ground between the traditional pieces and the modern pieces, our minds have no trouble processing both. There is clarity within the contrast.

Second, The deep colors on the floor and in the chest are just as juxtaposed with the spare chalky tones of really everything above the floor level. This allows us to feel grounded in the traditional with a slightly dreamy quality to the upper areas of the room. Because the color is as cleanly contrasted as the styles, our brains aren't overwhelmed by the vast differences between them. This allows us to relax and enjoy our surroundings as much as we enjoy the memories that are inevitably made here.

And that's why it works!

Thanks for joining us again - I love our time together.

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