Interiors: What's the big deal?

So what is this whole "Interiors" thing about anyway? Why spend all of the time and money involved to make your home what I affectionately call "a thing"? Below are the top 3 reasons why it is so important to pay attention to your home's interior - and not one of them has anything to do with your neighbor (unless of course you are all getting together for Scrabble and sangria) 1. Home is where the heart is. This is of course more accurate in a figurative sense referring to the people in the home more than the physical home itself. But these people are the heart, the core of our lives, and the home is the Tiffany box that holds the ever important engagement ring; it is the cardboard carrier that brings your brand new puppy home. (Let's be honest, every once in awhile it is the doghouse.) Regardless, your home is the vehicle for that which is most important to you and let's be honest. A road trip is always easier and more enjoyable with heated seats and  a built in DVD player...

2. You are what you eat. This expression does not just apply to your diet. What you ingest visually day to day is just as important. It is just as much a creator of your mood as the oat bran you had for breakfast. (Or, alternately, the doughnut you splurged on that spiked your sugar levels and left you falling asleep at your desk before lunch.) The benefit to your home is that you can consume some seriously sinful eye candy without the typical drawback on the scale. And, with a little extra effort and often little to no extra money, you can cook up the meal of your dreams that nourishes your soul and makes you smile with every bite.

3. Author and Poet Christian Morganstern said, "Home is not where you live, but where they understand you." Your home should know you like the back of your hand. It should be your cheerleader, your lover and your therapist. It should simultaneously reflect you and inspire you to be the very best version of you. When you walk in that door after a long day your home should make you feel like Norm in Cheers with your versions of Sam and Woody ready to assuage your troubles. Maybe they will even have a cold one waiting for you.

The deal here is that our homes are a daily part of our lives. They are integral in our mood, our productivity and our relationships with others. A well designed house can incite a smile, organize your chaos, massage that knot out and provide the backdrop for the interactions that truly give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.a3ee85e1709974d183cbbab532ca5775