Mental Space

I love what I do. As an Interior Designer I help people live in a better place. Yes, this begins with their physical home (or, it could be argued that it ends there) but it is a puzzle piece in the grander scheme of working with my clients to create a better "right now", a better everyday. In working with them I hope to create settings for the moments and memories that make up their lives.

7a028b87c1199e26b28a77bc33692866Modern society has turned the home into a commodity. An investment. A thing that is just another line item on our list of stuff in our lives. But it is really much more. We all spend time and energy improving our mental space. Exercising, eating healthy, improving our mindset so that our lives are happier places to be - mentally. But our homes hold the potential to improve our day-to-day as well. They are our haven, our retreat, our calm in the storm of life (or should be) and if they aren't, we are all missing out on a huge opportunity. Because life isn't easy. It gets busy and crazy and painful and the best way to cope with that is to set systems in place that feed our souls even when we are exhausted or distracted. The spaces we spend time in can do that for us if we understand them a little differently. If we start talking to them in a different tone of voice and actually listening to what they have to say we can create a symbiotic relationship that keeps us both well-fed and thriving. And if they don't make us smile all the time, at least they can remind us that we know how and that a full life includes light and dark, soft and hard, active and restful - just as our home does. Rather than being simply something we own, our homes can be a support system. A tool to facilitate bigger and better things: laughter, dinner parties, birthdays, pain, joy. Winston Churchill said, "We shape our dwellings and afterward our dwellings shape us." It is so important that our homes are intentional, molding us into exactly what we want to be.

And that is why I love what I do. I am not someone who helps you "buy pretty stuff" (though don't get me wrong, let's include that too) I am here to help make your physical and mental dwellings a better place to be.