Mental Space Monday: How E = mc² shows us the secret to happiness

Our lives are made up of a series of roads that are unique to our journey. They are an awe-inspiring amalgamation of our personal decisions, demons and desires. And to say that the responsibility of selecting the right roads can be overwhelming is a colossal understatement. One secret to wading through this selection process is that we are more content if we choose these roads with a conscious eye toward the future rather than simply walking down the next one that is presented to us. Selecting with a destination in mind (knowing that life is of course a series of destinations) clarifies those paths that are meant for us and those that aren't. Personally, I want more than what is easy and in close proximity. I don't want the road that everyone else has. I want my road; the one that leads to my happy place and reminds me exactly what makes my heart burst to sing out loud as I ramble/struggle/run/crawl my way to the next intersection and next decision.

Here's the kicker: once we tell the universe we are ready to get a little dirty in order to intrepidly discover our ideal, ultimate, true path, it holds nothing back in testing our resolve to that commitment. Anything that is worth having requires massive amounts of effort. Even Einstein knew that.

Remember E = mc²? I know, we're going back to physics notes you probably didn't take and definitely didn't keep. Turns out this affects more than our grades on a test. I am going to invert it for our purposes to c² = E/m Go with me here:

We'll start with c: the speed of light


We are all looking to find the light; enlightenment, understanding, illumination for our true path in life so that we live as if our souls are ignited - fueled by our own personal, inherent bliss.

If we can tap into our bliss, our light, our c², we are literally tapping into a force that is not fully definable (Is it light? Is it mass? Neither and both...) but it is the one constant of the universe and we are all craving it. Some ignore the call. It is too hard, too unclear. But some listen. They commit to searching even at the risk of never finding. And what does it take to get there? How do we achieve the indescribable, elusive state that is bliss?

Einstein says it takes energy. E/m (Energy divided by mass) has to equal 670,616,629 miles per hour. So the amount of energy it takes to equal our unique speed of light is dependent on the amount of mass that is holding us back (since mass sits in the bottom of our fraction).

Guess what that means?

It takes a lot of energy to get to our road of happiness. And, guess what else? The only thing getting in our way is us; our mass. If we can train our minds to be light; to think outside of our bodies and trust in the universal possibility of happiness (and in our honest search for it) we have that much less holding us back. We will be moving at such high speeds that all of the insignificant pieces will fly away. As we get closer and closer to our bliss, we have less and less holding us back because light isn't just a speed. It is matter in and of itself.  If we can get close enough to our c speed we actually become light.

Become light my friends. Even though it requires massive amounts of energy: question your path and speed toward your bliss.