Mental Space Monday: How Mental Inbreeding & Monogamy are bad for society - A PSA

Mental Space Monday: How Mental Inbreeding & Monogamy are bad for society - A PSA

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*Yes, I am fully aware it is Tuesday, I hope you all had a nice, long Labor Day weekend - I would've hated to interrupt your fun.

Today I have a very serious Public Service Announcement for us all to consider. But first, we have a guest joining us today. Everyone, meet Carlos:

carlos mental inbreeding

Please don't be offended if Carlos doesn't respond. He is a 17th century example of what happens when the same family marries itself for generations with no widening of the gene pool.

Carlos was born in 1661 with a myriad of medical abnormalities that included an underbite so severe that he couldn’t chew, a tongue so large that his speech was virtually unintelligible, and legs so lame that he couldn’t walk until he was 8. Carlos’ parents, King Philip lV and Mariana of Austria, were not only uncle and niece, but ...His parents were more biologically similar than the typical brother and sister...

 While all of this is quite unfortunate, how does this apply to today's society? I would hope we can safely say that none of us are interested in marrying anyone we would run into at a family reunion...

Here's the thing: while you may be dating outside of your gene pool, odds are that you are not sharing ideas much beyond your own backyard, which can be just as detrimental. When is the last time you learned something new? Tried something for the first time? Stretched your comfort zone?

If your conversation, experiences and day-to-day interactions are as straight and narrow as Carlos' family tree, you are missing out on opportunities to create beautiful, healthy ideas that could actually serve to further society. The need for a wide and varied gene pool is imperative in furthering a healthy human race. Equally as essential is the need to add new ideas and new experiences to our personal and collective mental hot tub in order to keep us all thriving - on both the individual and societal levels.

Genetic variation flushes out the negative traits that can stop up the system when allowed to stagnate. This means less disease, stronger muscles and faster neurons. When our ideas become inbred, we are left believing that the Earth is flat, that it exists at the center of the universe and that time and space are constant. If we spread the love in the world of ideas, we can expand and hone our knowledge about the people and the world around us. We can discard old paradigms and adapt a more accurate, more far reaching understanding and use those to make even more insightful discoveries.

I challenge you to embrace a little more of the unknown; Let your ideas have sex with other ideas; flush out those negative traits (as suggested by Matt Ridley and Jason Silva ). Get out there and let those ideas off leash so they can sniff themselves into some strange situations. Give your ideas permission to date the weird guy down the street or to make out with a new book and see what comes of it. The only downside is not trying and ending up with unintelligible speech and a serious mental underbite - sorry, Carlos.

Thanks for diving down the rabbit hole with me. As kooky as Wonderland is, it is nothing if not endlessly interesting.

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Have a wonderful week, lovelies. I hope your ideas get lucky and live it up.