Mental Space Monday: Why Star Trek had it right

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Mental Space Monday

Where we dive down the rabbit hole of collective consciousness and learn big lessons from the simple things in life. I am so glad you have made it back to our weekly shindig!

This week, in celebration of the nerdiness of our little Monday group of readers, we begin with the ultimate Star Trek quote:

"Resistance is futile"

And examine how there can be a welcome (and mutually beneficial) release in surrendering power to something greater.

In Star Trek resistance makes sense. Surrender to a dominating alien race means hostile takeover; it means loss of self. The term surrender commonly refers to facing powers that have become too strong to resist any longer. But are we equally resistant to handing over control to benevolent powers that are also striving to realize our individual and collective hopes, desires and dreams? It is often said that we surrender to love, to beauty, to inhibitions - all quite enjoyable, though not without pain and complication (few things are).

The etymology of the word "surrender" is from mid-15c: "give up, deliver over"  "give back" ... "to give oneself up"

As humans, we can only correctly visualize and manipulate 3 dimensions: width, height and depth. We can theorize about other dimensions, both what they would be and exactly how they interweave with our reality.  But whether you prescribe to String theory, think we live in a multiverse, or attribute the "more" that we don't understand to a religious dogma, the unavoidable fact is that if 'life' is conscious, it certainly has better seats to this circus than we do. It is undeniably bigger, greater and more powerful than us mere humans. It can not only see all 3 rings, but can also peek outside the mysterious striped tent to see which act is coming up next. And unlike the Borgs in Star Trek, life is omniscient, cyclical, regenerative and much, MUCH more than we could ever understand.

We are surrounded by cues that clearly indicate the enormity of the wisdom of life. Just look at our past Monday posts regarding the golden ratio, the simple, but far reaching principle of E = mc², and the ubiquitousness of Fibonacci numbers. These are all basic, simple principles that govern everything around us. Life is made up of all of these simple pieces (including us simple humans). No matter how you explain life, there are organized systems that govern everything within it in a very concise, organized way. And the view from our cheap seats doesn't always include the whole picture.

If that is the case, does it not make sense for us small humans to throw up the white flag? What would happen if we collectively surrender; 'give up'; 'deliver over' everything that we so tirelessly strive to achieve? Let us all walk straight up to life and say, "Hello, I would like _______." and trust that life, in its infinite wisdom, will place us in the right situations with the right people at the right time in order for that to happen. Even if resistance is futile, surrender does not inherently mean defeat. It can mean being enveloped, taken in, embraced by something bigger - so give up. Leo Buscaglia said, "The easiest thing in the world to be is what you are, what you feel. The hardest thing to be is what other people want you to be." Stop trying to direct who you are in life and accept your path. Let it go. Listen to the timeless wisdom of Star Trek and accept that Resistance is futile; just be.

Thanks for diving down the rabbit hole with me. As infinite as Wonderland is, it is nothing if not endlessly interesting.

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Have a wonderful week, lovelies. I hope you take a risk, wave the white flag and feel the rush of giving in.