Remembering Charles Faudree

When you describe yourself as a "rolling stone" perhaps death is just a move to the next exciting location… Let's hope that's the case for the subject of today's post, well-known interior designer Charles Faudree who passed a week ago today after a fight with cancer. I would like to extend my thoughts and condolences to friends and family and to take a moment to remember a pivotal player in interior design. His work, not known for its minimalism, had a way of forming an interest-laden backdrop for classic indulgences. Personally, I love his more rustic work. I see the spaces and feel the need to find a blanket, a friend and a checker board to pass a lazy afternoon. Good luck Charles on whatever your next adventure holds.

Take a look at some of Faudree's designs in Traditional Home's article  on him and his work.

charles faudree