Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya Ed.1: Wallpaper

When we were younger we ignored the wisdom of our elders, and laughed at their dated wallpaper and harvest gold appliances. But as we get older we start to realize the value of those who came before. We began to see that there was value to their experience and perspective on style. Today starts what will be an ongoing series called "Shake what your mama gave ya" celebrating the old school items that make today's interiors look pretty smart indeed.

Edition 1 is about how we're all hung up on wallpaper.

In case you didn't get the memo, wallpaper is back in a big way. This is no hand-written "meet me in my office" type memo, this sucker is typed, has its own press release, its own app and just hired a celeb assistant to tweet on its behalf. If you don't know this one is a biggie, you haven't been paying attention. I know, I too used to hear one mention of the "W" word and run screaming from the mental images of 1" tall roosters crowding a dated kitchen or sunflower filled borders crowning a breakfast nook and I was not alone. But today's wallpaper is adhering itself to our hearts and our walls yet again in new patterns that will now make you gasp and rush to the nearest designer to trick out your spaces. Today's designs feature re-interpreted patterns, scales and color palettes. There is something on this menu for everyone. And true to our generation, we've updated the technology as well. With the new technology, there are hip, drop-dead options in recycled fiber, natural fiber, VOC free, non-toxic, non-allergenic options - which means you can even invite your vegan friends to this party. Bonus: updated technology in backing and glues also means you won't strip your hair as you try to strip your walls.

Wallpaper tips:

  • Remember that the ground color of the paper is super important. Yes, you have to love the pattern, but the color will be the very first thing your eye registers.
  • Make sure that you tape up a good size sample on your wall and make it a point to wander past it at different times of day to see how it reacts to different lighting (and your different moods). I even suggest moving the sample within the room and repeating the process.
  • You don't have to shout that you are embracing the trend. Opt for a pattern and colorway that are more subtle and act as an underlying visual texture for a main room.
  • If you want to go bold but can't see yourself loving your entire living room prancing with zebras or crawling with geckos in a year, pick a bathroom and paper that instead - typically the duration of time we spend in the room is shorter...
  • Always use a primer that is made for wallpaper. Not only will this protect your drywall but it protects the paper and turns the stripping nightmare into a daydream. My installer swears by Gardz, here on Amazon, sometimes carried at Home Depot, Lowe's or local paint stores.
  • GET A GOOD INSTALLER. Did you hear that one? Serious wallpaper installers make all the difference. They plan ahead with pattern and seam placement, set the strips straight every time and cover the wall plates for you as well to avoid the glaring white interruptions to your stunning new scene. They can often save money on rolls as well with efficient placement calculations (and of course avoid the mistake of not ordering enough).
  • **Most importantly: Have fun with it! The whole point is to give your space a new lease on life, give it a face lift, try something different - don't take it too seriously. After all, just because you are stealing the trend from your mom doesn't mean you have to lower your voice or be polite about it.

Check out these beauties and tell me you're not "hung up" on which to install first-

For sourcing, find the above on my Pinterest board: digs - wallpaper.