Spring design tips: 5 Ways to get your home out of hibernation

Waking up from a winter long nap can make some of us a little grumpy ('fess up - you know who you are). Hibernation actually means "to occupy winter quarters". So I'm going to let you in on the expert secret to getting your ... ahem ... self out of winter and cheerfully diving headfirst into Spring. Are you ready?

Fake it 'til you make it

Surrounding yourself with fresher, lighter selections makes you, your brain and your room feel invigorated and ready to face the Spring music.

Take a look at these great examples that are as easy on your sleep-coma brain as they are on your wallet:

1: A little paint

It's like adding a new eyeshadow color to your makeup routine, all of your old stuff just looks better when paired with some new fresh paint. But you don't have to tackle a project as big as the walls - what about your trim color? Your doors? That old console table that fits perfectly but looks tired? This lovely door is painted in Benjamin Moore's color of the year: breath of fresh air 806 - and isn't it just that?
ben moore breath of fresh air

2: Reflect the sunshine

Mirrors reflect and multiply light in a space. Why not go for a double whammy and find one with a bright frame as well? Start your Spring of Springsteen style and get a little Blinded by the Light (it's ok to sing along, you know you want to).
veranda bright mirror

3: Shed some weight

Now, I know I'm not the only one who gets a little lax on my health regimen during the darker months. Come on, I need a little extra insulation to get me through those snow storms that blow on through. Take a hint from Mother Nature as she packs up the snow and pack your extra winter weight in the closet until next year. Trade out those wool blankets and chenille pillows for linen throws and light cotton prints. I feel lighter already - even if my scale says I have a little more work to do...spring pillows

4: Bring the outside in

Why should your yard have all the fun? Clip a few branches of your favorite blooms and enjoy them in the comfort of your living room (or kitchen or bathroom or bedroom...)100091641.tif

5: Everything will be all-white

Even bolder rooms can benefit from a little bit of good old white. Getting back to basics can actually feel refreshing. And sometimes, taking a little color out of your space can leave room for more saturation in your life. add white bedroom