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Do We Know our Own Mind? | Exploring Consciousness

So the theory behind consciousness is that we are full with knowledge. BUT Freud, and now a host of other smart people tell us that a huge majority of this knowledge we are so full of is SUBconscious. Actually, neuropsychologists now theorize that this portion makes up more than 98%. So, how does that change our etymological equation above (yes, I made that term up, yes, I'm stickin' to it.)

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Words : the Magic Drug; How They Literally Define Who We Are

There is something about these wonderful little "thought vehicles" that seems completely and ironically indefinable. On the most surface level, doesn't it seem magic that I can write them on a page (or a screen) or I can speak them aloud and you can understand my thoughts? It's almost like magic ...

Words are quite literally the vehicles through which we understand our consciousness, our awareness of the world around us. They are the lens through which we see our awareness of self but even more essentially, they are our method of communicating and combining our awareness with that of others. Words are the currency of thoughts. 

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