Happy Thanksgiving : a HUGE Thank You

Happy day before Thanksgiving!I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how truly grateful I am to have each and every one of you take time out of your schedule to journey inside with me and share in my ongoing collective consciousness conversation!

I have found that life is about nothing if not community and connections. Having you as my community makes me feel connected to this greater inspiring collective we call humanity. I feel so thankful to you that I have the opportunity to explore ideas, experiences and insights about life. Together we can examine why we are here and how we can better enjoy the inevitable journey that stretches out before us. We have so much to discuss and I look forward to your continued insights and perspectives as we dive further down the rabbit hole!


Starting today, I will continue to post Mental Space Monday but will not be regularly posting Wednesdays. All info will be here on the same bat channel: mandystraight.com, but the bat time will be slightly altered to make room for exciting new things to come.

I can't wait to keep exploring with you thank you so much for journeying with me. I appreciate all you are and all you will become; for the collective entelechy that we will only realize as a team.

Happy thanksgiving lovelies - enjoy that turkey.