The simplest way to ring in the spring

Ahhhhhhh, can you just smell the spring air now? Whether the view out your window reflects the change of seasons already or you're still stuck dreaming of the impending thaw, spend the first weekend of Spring enjoying one of the best parts of the season: the blooms. In coming out of the gloom that can overtake us in the Winter months we can sometimes feel like we are rubbing our eyes from a numbing hibernation. Let nature's own awakening serve as your coffee this weekend and bring some flowers into your home. It doesn't take much, but just the flash of a new color and the smell of new life can bring a literal breath of fresh air to your home this weekend. *Straight up tip: Don;'t just grab for the old vases that you have used all Winter. Find another reminder of Spring and use that to turn your weekend pick-me-up into a kickstart for all that is to come in the new season.   Lazy afternoons on the back porch with tea and a great book? This lovely option comes to us complete with tutorial from Creature Comforts Blog! Check out here teapotvase1     Put those galoshes, rain boots and wellies to good use until the April showers actually make their way to our yards with this example from Better Homes and Gardens here. 101174875.jpg.rendition.largest   or with branches straight from the source like this example from Karin Lidbeck-Brent.galoshes   Since there's not much watering to tend to YET - take advantage of your watering can's hiatus, also suggested by Lidbeck-Brent.watering can   Every little bit helps: Arrangements don't always have to be in large quantities! Use just a few blooms or split a spray into smaller pieces so you can spread the love around the room. Here by Oh Joy Blogteacup   And here by Vicki Archer at French Essencecups   After your eggs get your morning started, let those egg cups wake up the rest of your day as seen here on Flikr.egg cups   Let me know what creative vases you find to refresh your weekend. Happy Spring!   -m