What Hermit Crabs Can Teach Us About Home

64e977642d9948864e7368a354e03f42Fascinating fact of the day: most crustaceans (think lobsters, shrimp and other stuff with shells) regenerate their own shells. Their body grows a new one underneath the current and then sheds the old like a dead toenail (not too pretty, but super functional). Hermit crabs on the other hand, do not generate their own shell but instead, have to go around and find a new home that will best suit their growing self.

What does this have to do with interiors?

Like hermit crabs, we all have to spend the extra energy (and brave the current insanity of the Real Estate market) to seek out a home. It may seem easier for our bodies to just generate a new one as needed as easily and unconsciously as we grow hair or regenerate our cells - yes, easier, but so much less rewarding. The beauty of being able to choose our surroundings is that there are so many options; so many different facets of who we are to encourage by finding a home that speaks to them. Need more clarity? Find comfort in clean, sleek lines of a more modern space. Want a cozy retreat? Look no further than a traditional library with built-in bookcases surrounding a roaring fireplace.

c193d4f92f0e92f85eebb874a2d3d837Another bonus to our hermit-crab-like housing? When your current digs no longer suit us, we can reassess and find something more suitable to our new, larger selves. This doesn't have to apply only to houses, but also to interiors. Did you love that white country chic simplicity a few years ago, only to find that now it feels worn down and pale? Maybe you went gaga for modern stainless and neutral and now feel you need some texture and individuality that sleek lines just can't offer. The beauty of it is that you can change it at will. Not only that, you can combine pieces from each for a result that is unprecedented and truly individual to you and your family. Isn't that refreshing?

It almost makes you feel sorry for the lobsters (let's just put them out of their misery - and melt some butter while you're at it). Let your home provide the shelter you need with the view that makes you smile. You'll never look at hermit crabs the same way again.

"A house is not a home unless it contains food and fire for the mind as well as the body." -Benjamin Franklin