Why great art is imperative in the perfect room

I recently went to the Modern Masters exhibit at the Denver Art Museum which displays influential works from the late 1800s to the mid 20th century. After spending hours drooling over talent that just cannot be translated into words or in book reproductions, all I could think when I finally emerged, panting from the winding walls of beauty was, "I need a cigarette". There is something innately, undeniably beautiful about art. Now, I am not trying to tell you which art to like. You don't have to agree with me when I say I could possibly give up sex if I could own a de Kooning (ok - not quite - but almost) but it is a fact that art interacts with each of us. It gives us perspective and helps us relate to others and conveys humanity and experience in ways that words are simply not effective in translating. Check out some crazy interesting studies and research.

So it doesn't matter which piece you want to include on your walls. It could be a de Kooning (yes, I would love to come over and drool in front of it, thank you for the invite!) or it could be a Picasso or it could be the finger painting that your niece did in pre-school (which may look an awful lot like a Picasso anyway). It doesn't matter what the art is, what matters is that it says something to you. That you feel something when you look at it and that it reminds you of something wonderfully unspeakable about the world and the people around you.

The best rooms are those that feed you. They rev you up and motivate you to accomplish more or they press pause on the frenetic action of your everyday and let you suspend your mind in quiet. Art is a powerful way to make this possible. It allows you to passively direct your brain to an intention, it reminds you of our innate connection with others, it provides a moment of stillness within the chaos of your day. Who knew that canvas was so powerful?  Incorporate art you love and harness that power.


Have you found this to be true? Share with us what art makes you feel like Superman? What pieces make you drool and reach for a cigarette?