Why it Works Wednesday: Points of Interest

Hello again and welcome to this week's edition of Why it Works Wednesday!

The weekly post that let's us examine gorgeous rooms and break down what makes them sing like Maria Callas, Cher, Madonna and Adele put together. This week we look at a small bathroom from a post on Remodelista www 3 http-::www.remodelista.com:posts:a-brazilian-in-san-francisco?utm_source=Remodelista:Gardenista+Subscriber+List&utm_campaign=1cd1254c24-Remodelista+Daily+Mail+Campaign&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_447a717cea-1cd1254c24-384306029 Backdrop: simple, classic bathroom that has been fully whitewashed


Points of Interest: Dark neutrals with gorgeous, interesting texture


Why this is so effective:

The actual finishes in the room (floors, walls, etc) maintain simple elements and details of a classic room while providing an almost visually silent backdrop for very select Points of Interest. The effect is much like an old, faded photo. The background has faded, which allows the points of interest in the foreground to grab our attention with their gorgeous texture and detail. Also, the reserved color palette of the interesting objets (also referred to as stuff) mounted on the wall now feel like art or pieces out of old sepia-toned photographs. *As a note: because all of our objets seem to sit interestingly on the surface of the white backdrop, the mirror seems right at home floating in front of the window. (The trick to odd placements like this is to make them feel intentional.)

And that's why it works!

Thanks for joining our weekly investigation! Let me know your thoughts on the room and the insights below. Have you tried something similar? Share with us!   Have a wonderful week