Why it Works Wednesday: The Magic Behind the Curtain

Welcome everyone to another

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we take a peek behind the curtain and reveal what really makes it tick.

This week's photo comes from an old pin of mine that now doesn't link properly. The image was originally from Elle Decor, link to my board with it here.


This week's room is gorgeous and serene - but wait - it's also a home office! How does that work?

1. Boundaries


2. Tailoring

When we try to incorporate a workspace into a larger area they can often take over. Files and papers and business cards  creep into all available crevices and seem to multiply like cancer cells. This room is so effective because the area for working is clearly designated as being "behind the curtain". So a boundary has been created that contains all of the stuff associated with work. Not only does this help contain the clutter, it also means that there is a visual trigger  to the brain to make a mental shift either behind the curtain in work mode or past the curtain where we can relax and enjoy outside of work.

In using very clean, concise design elements, the mental clarity achieved in our now designated workspace feels structured and orderly, allowing our brains to feel the same way both in and out of our workspace. The color palette is limited to Blue and neutrals (black/white/chocolate) and the rhythm of the lines is all clean and clear as well. Resulting in a similar mental state regardless of which "space within the space" you are using at the time.

I do love the curtain separation. I keep picturing the Wizard of Oz perched on a small stool with a microphone attached to big speakers hidden behind. Which seems apt in today's business world that makes our computers our microphones, we don't need much physical space to make a great impact - run with it and shout out your message - just remember to step out and enjoy the gorgeous green city around you every once in awhile as well.

And that's Why it Works!

Thanks so much for making it again. Share with us all how you get mental clarity for your home workspaces!


See you next time