Why it Works Wednesday:

Hello again kittens, cats and interior lovers of all ages! It is time once again for

Why it Works Wednesday!

The weekly installment that lets us dissect a space and see exactly what makes it tick.

This week's gorgeous bath is brought to you by Introducing New Worlds With a Shrug blogspot.

e101f183f70a8834f3a2d69f8eae4e75This uber-simple bathroom just begs to give you a bath with a hot cup of tea and organic bath salts. How does it achieve such a welcoming, cheery atmosphere?

1. Simplicity


2. Handmade Detail

We start with the simplest elements possible: a wooden floor, a plyboard boxed out tub and white porcelain tile. Add in vintage, cast-away objets, here a fruit crate and a 3-legged vintage chair.

Then add in handmade elements that offer character but zero fussiness: hand paint the floor in a simplified, two-tone quilting pattern and rather than making shower curtains, hang up those well-loved, hand-embroidered shawls that your great aunt left behind.

In adding only what personal touches rather than "designed details" to the most basic bath imaginable, this design creates a space that feels it exists on its own, outside of the realm of "decoration". And if it wasn't planned and is that beautiful, maybe the random moments you spend within it will be just as lovely.

And that's Why it Works!

Thanks for coming, I always love having you - please feel free to join us for our new series: Mental Space Monday where we inspect the importance of our mental "settings" in creating moments of bliss everyday.

Here's to you and to your little moments.