Why it Works Wednesday: Come sail away with me

Hello my beautiful friends and welcome to another

Why it Works Wednesday!!

Our weekly opportunity to dissect a room that looks awesome and figure out exactly what makes it tick. This week's room comes to us from The Nest's online forum and Madame Pumphrey d5d978658f1a886aa805d1a57f777549 Here we have a cozy yet energetic den space touting an obviously daring paint color. Quite a bold move and often one that most of us are afraid to make. So what is it that keeps the dark paint from feeling oppressive in a room that from all indications is not a large one?

1. Color


2. Balance

So, this may seem like a no-brainer, but the color really makes the space. Not just the fact that there is color, but the fact that it's the right color. This gorgeous watery teal shade is not for the faint of heart and just like it's oceanic hue, it is deep and complex. This color is so far from primary you may have trouble finding it on a color wheel with a compass. In most cases when you are going dark, you have to also go deep. I'm not talking "Yes, we painted the walls a deep blue", I'm talking deep like "Wow, that book was so deep I had to read it twice to grasp what the author was saying." This color has so much going on that even though it takes almost all of the attention in the room, you won't mind staring at it for hours (or days, or years) and sill find something new to love about it. The intensity of the walls is offset by using bright, simple neutrals. Whites, creams and golds join together to offer warm life rafts for your eyeballs in the midst of the deep sea surrounding you. In addition, the glossy sheen of the walls is balanced by the rougher visual texture of the charcoal artwork and simply carved frames. In using such great balancing elements the dramatic effect is still fresh and energetic; simply pull up a chair and let the moments sail by!

And that's Why it Works!

Thanks for coming, it's always so nice to see you! Tell the kids/family/crazy-neighbor-down-the-street hello for me and enjoy the rest of your week! <3 M