Why it Works Wednesday: Carried away by the Rhythm

Hello000 design lovers and welcome to another

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we find a room that makes us purr like a brand new engine and look intrepidly under the hood to find out just what the secret is...

Today's space is brought to us by Dwell and designer Peter Fehrentz


This serenely hip living room manages to be both cutting edge and relaxed all at the same time. What elements that come together to make this little 646 sqft apartment in Berlin feel so good?

1. Rhythm


2. Color  

Rhythm is by far the strongest factor in this space. There is a consistent repetition of oddly angled lines evident in almost every element of the room. This distinct slant is most obvious in the arms of the Wegner chair but is then echoed in the rug pattern, the shape of the light fixtures, the splay of the bench legs, the form of the table lamp, the texture of the pillow... I could go on. The angular rhythm is so present that it feels logical, each piece feels like it was meant to be with each of the others.

The limited color in the room allows our #1 to play the starring role. By letting warm, cement grays coat the room, we are left to appreciate the gorgeous rhythm that takes center stage. Meanwhile, the supporting cast adds intentionally placed color: a burnished gold on the accent pillow and inside of the light fixture shades, unexpectedly pink cabinets and wood floors painted a rich eggplant. All keeping us just intrigued enough not to let the quirky rhythm steal the show completely.

Renowned Danish furniture designer Hans Wegner would no doubt approve of his chair being included here. His philosophy was, "I have always wanted to make unexceptional things of an exceptionally high quality..." This room combines gorgeous but basic elements to create exceptional, quality results.

And that's Why it Works!

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