Why it Works Wednesday: An Escape from Reality

Welcome to another rousing installment of

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we get the opportunity to take a look at spaces that make our hearts beat loud and fast and figure out just what it is that makes us so excited...

This week's room comes to us via Modest Designs originally from Elle Decor - nice find Hillary, we love it too!


What is it about this bedroom that makes us just want to snuggle in and travel off to dreamland? This week I am breaking it down to 3 elements - I just had to add in an extra to get in all the action...

1. Soothing Colors


2. Far-off Places


3. Redefining Scale

The dark wall color and deep, luscious gray coverlet make us feel like we are inches away from sleep before our head even hits the pillow. It's as if the depth of color muffles the noise of daily life and gives permission to dream...of element #2: faraway places. The photography (also in dark, dreamy, contemplative tones) depicts locations that inspire dreams at any time of day, waking and sleeping alike. Even the materials are subtly reminiscent of luxury travel: the rich leather of luggage, the thick wool of traditional traveling coats and a single pillow in understated cosmopolitan stripe that concurrently makes us think of the coast and the hip city. Lastly - carrying our room to the moon is the scale of the "headboard": in this case, the art wall. The actual headboard is low and upholstered leaving the ENTIRE wall for an art collage. In basically using the entire wall as the headboard, this room frees your mind to travel at will.

This design works so well because all 3 of the above are really one thing: a GREAT, COHESIVE CONCEPT. In combining all of the elements together, we get a bedroom that gives you so much room to dream and inspiration to set you off on your journey.

And that's why it works!

How do you create your escape? What inspires you to dream in your bedroom?

Enjoy your week my loves.