Why it Works Wednesday : Balancing Act

Welcome to another exciting

Why it Works Wednesday!

Our opportunity to celebrate great spaces and break down why it is gorgeous.

Today's killer room is brought to you by RueMag

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Today's classically modern room has:

Sleek forms:

*Barcelona chairs and chaise

*modern lighting

balanced with


*planked ceiling

*organic base cocktail table

*burled end table

This room starts with sleek:  with equally sleek lighting selections. Too many of these modern elements and we are stuck feeling cold. Then how does the room still manage to make you want to kick off your shoes and lounge back with your favorite cocktail and a few good friends? The minimalist forms are paired with wood - the innately approachable, natural organic element. Also tempering the modern lines are the soft hand-knotted rug and feathery forms in the artwork. What we end up with is a sophisticated space balanced in the sweet spot between clean and cozy.

And that's why it works!