Why it Works Wednesday: How to get the best of both worlds

Hello intrepid lovers of all that is beautiful!! And welcome back to this week's

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we find a room that gives us a glimpse of the good life and pinpoint just what makes it so full of fun (Sinatra reference fully intended).

Today’s enticing bedroom comes to us from House & Garden



Our bedroom for the day gives the sense that it "just works" this one, at first glance, is a tough one to distill. Interestingly, there are 2 very simple elements that incorporate every selection in the room:

1. Marrakech


2. France

So, get this: Marrakech is known as the "Red City" because of the red sandstone from the area that was used to build much of the city including the walls that surround it. There is a well-known botanical garden in Marrakech called Majorelle Garden that is also famous. It was designed by a French ex-patriot and is famous for its blue walls - so famous that the specific shade of blue is known as Majorelle Blue.

The national colors of France are blue, white and red. These are the current colors of the flag and also played a large part symbolically in the French Revolution.

Keeping the above in mind in addition to the fact that this gorgeous bedroom is in Marrakech, the combination of elements all seem very intentionally within the scope of our #1 + #2. We have hand-made, hand-dyed, hand-woven elements such as the bedspread, the window treatments and the top layered rug. These elements offer texture and interest to the more formal, refined French references such as the crystal chandelier and the needlepoint rug. The art, while French, is a lithograph, so it offers a the reference to France as well as a rough, gritty quality that feels right at home with the Marrakech landscape and history. The result is a bedroom retreat that invites you to bask in the best of both worlds.

And that’s Why it Works!

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