Why it Works Wednesday : Embracing the Imperfection

Welcome to this week's fascinating edition of

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we get to take a look at just what exactly makes a great room tick.

This week, our inspiration comes from Elle Decor and includes a killer quote as well.



So as we break this down, what elements are joining together for an overall space that rocks like Cher with a huge fro and platform heels?

1. Yummy Rich Neutrals

2. Real Life (a little "tattiness" - thank you, David Netto)

This space starts with a base of caramel and butterscotch leathers, milk and dark chocolatey wood tones and foamy marshmallow-y grays. Now, I know it is Summer folks, but regardless of the temperature outside you can just taste the comfy inside this space.

On top of the 'delicious' palette (yes, that is a pun - you know you love it), this space includes collections, layers and life. Yes, it is neat and tidy, but it is not perfect. The desk looks ready to accommodate some old school correspondence just as easily as it would a Macbook. There are magazines piled casually on the cocktail table and collections living on top of the desk that aren't concerned about covering a little of the art.

The overall effect here is livable; pulled together but relaxed. Whether this is your look or not, isn't that what we are all striving for in a home?

And that's why it works!

Let me know your thoughts - how do you channel David Netto and accept the imperfection in your space?


Cheers to the rest of your week - enjoy!