Why it Works Wednesday: Embracing the Strange

Welcome back to the epically famous

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we examine the exact combination of elements in a room to figure out just what exactly makes us want to ingest all the yummy goodness our eyes are seeing like we are a starving man at a buffet. Today's space is actually a restaurant called The Breslin located in the base of Ace Hotel in NYC. Ain't she a beaut?


So it's tough to argue that this place is drop dead killer (and trust me, the pictures don't do it justice). But what is it about this space?

1. Embracing the strange


2. Balancing with basics

So look, Dill-Pickle-colored paint would not be my first thought for a room - restaurant or otherwise . . . BUT . . . why not? And once you say yes to the quirky, random old English hunting cabin vibe, why stop there? Rather than trying to counter the quirkiness of this startling hue, these rooms go for the gusto and add in taxidermy as far as the eye can see, odd gadgets and curiosities on the walls and multiple unmatched plaids (note the light shades).

Once they have all the odd they can cram in, they fill in the gaps with gorgeous, timeless basics: Black wood booths, stained wood ceilings, leather seats and drool-worthy brass countertops. These babies stain and age as beautifully (possibly more so) than the octogenarians you would think hang out in such traditionally inspired interiors, making it a popular place for every age.

And that's why it works!


Thanks for joining! What 'strange' have you embraced and how did you make it work?