Why it Works Wednesday: Engaging transition spaces

Heeeelllllllloooooooo you intrepid humans, you!  You've made it to another Wednesday; congratulations! Which means of course that it is time for the next riveting installment of

Why it Works Wednesday!

This is when we take time out of our crazy schedules to examine a room and discuss what makes it drip off of our eyes like a big pat of butta' (yes. butta.)

Today's "room" is originally from Elle Decor and comes to us through Aphrochic's blog on flikr.


Now this room is stylized to the max. It is not for the faint of heart or the conservative of taste. Even if you don't like the strong choices in this space, it is extremely well done and here's why (alliteration and all):

1. Active


2. Anticipation

What's tough about transition spaces like hallways and entryways and stair landings is that unless they are given and intention or a reason to pause within them, they stagnate and feel like nothing more than dead space between rooms that we actually spend time in.

What works so well about this mini-hallway is that it now has its very own identity - awww, its all growed up. Because of this design it now has its very own focal point (the boxed ceiling stripe), a bench to pause within the "room" and art that literally reaches out to you as you pass by. Now, whether you actually sit here or not, your mind engages with the space as you pass by.

The other piece that works so well here is that there is a clear anticipation set for what lays beyond the doorway. The contrast between the intense tones of the hall and the light, bright sunshine that can be seen streaming into the sitting room beyond make that back space even more enticing. It's teasing us just enough - it is a juicy little cupcake at the end of the stick and you can just smell the frosting from the hall. That my friends, is anticipation.

And that's Why it Works!

Thanks for coming again to our little shin-dig. I look forward to seeing you again; next time feel free to bring a plus one or your roommate or even your crazy aunt Pearl. We love everyone. And we love a good party.

Thoughts on the striped hall into the sunny room? Share your thoughts with us and we will share our cupcakes with you....