Why it Works Wednesday: How to make repetition look super chic

Well hello you :) nice to see you again. I am so glad you have joined us for another engrossing edition of

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we break it on down for just a few seconds here (Yup. Went there.) and we find a space that sings and discuss what makes it so enchanting - like a siren, or maybe like Outkast...

Today's post comes to us from StoneColdWeirdo's Crawse Blog on tumblr.


Here we have a dynamic guest room that feels as if it "just works". It is at once engaging and soothing, bright and restful. How is this so (seemingly) effortlessly achieved?

1. Repetition


2. Repetition

What is so effective in this room is that the design chooses 2 shapes: rectangles and circles and combines that with 2 colors: pink and brown.

We see the rectangles in the long wide shelving, in the long shapes of the plaid throw and also in the planking of the parquet wood flooring. Our circles are of course in the art over the bed and can be seen in the rug to the right as well as the shape of the lamp head. (We could also split hairs and find circular buttons on the light tufting of the long, rectangular chaise, but who's counting?)

What is so nice about the repetition in this space is that it feels active rather than monotonous. Just as the shapes are not overtly displayed, the colors are just as subtly varied by using a couple different shades of pink and an array of brown and natural tones. Each selection feels familiar but not redundant sort of like a wonderful little deja vu at every turn.

And that's Why it Works!

Thanks for coming and shakin' it with us on this Wednesday. I love having you.

Let us know your thoughts let us know your thoughts on repetition (haha, did you catch that?)