Why it works Wednesday : Gallery Walls

Welcome to our very first installment of Why it Works Wednesday!

This is our opportunity to take a look at a great space and assess why it looks as good as it does. What are the combinations or elements or placements that make the space a great place to be?

Our first space is brought to you by Elle Decor - always a go-to for beautiful design that is both interesting and authentic.

why it works 1 - wall collage

We all love a good wall collage, but woah there cowboy...the pictures here are all different, the frames don't match, the sizes vary greatly and there is no real order to their layout -

SO: Why does it work?

This sunny living room starts with 2 uber basics:

Element: Wood

Palette: White

Tough to find a more simple starting point. But as we know, we have to be selective about our attention-grabbers within a space. These basics allow for us to appreciate the beauty of the natural sunlight and also leave a lot of room for texture and color play in the other selections around the room.

With these basic beginnings, our wall collage can steal the show. Rather than feeling chaotic, it offers visual and physical texture. The frames give a geometry that plays well with the structure of the beams which gives the opportunity to sit back and simply enjoy the interesting composition or, when we have a little more time, to peruse the endlessly engaging contents of each frame at our leisure. And, as an added bonus, we see the gorgeous green of a sofa sitting just past the walls. The vibrant hue gives dimension to our palette without looking contrived and the smoothness of the fabric means we aren't competing with the texture of our art.

Any afternoon with these walls would be time well spent -

And that's why it works!


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