Why it Works Wednesday: Purposefully Grounded

Welcome friends, to another rousing

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we examine great spaces and what makes them tick.

Today's room comes to us from AD Magazine, the Russian version (thank you Google translator).

double height mirror

In a nutshell, we have a 2 story space, exposed staircase and upper walkway with windows that span both levels. This is a lot of volume to handle. So why does this space still sing as smoothly as Sinatra?

1. Grounding


2. Scale

I know what you are thinking - "Two weeks ago we had a very different room with the same Why it Works 1+2, she's run out of ideas (or she's crazy)!"

BUT, this is a great example of how well-used design principles are purpose driven and can be tailored to each specific setting. What is different about this room is that though it is obviously for the same purpose of finding and enjoying a great book - this room is intended to offer an observing post rather than the cozy retreat offered by the previous library.

The super high ceilings in this space beg for a rich color on the floor to help anchor your brain. Here we have a deep inky blue/black palette (how apt amongst the books) that gives little islands of cozy in the airy, openness around us.

In this case, rather than stepping down the scale as we did 2 weeks ago, the double height mirror draws all attention to the true height of the room regardless of the stairway breaking it up functionally. In uniting the scale of the 2 floors back into one visual space, we feel as if we have so much room to float away in the vastness of the volume as we lose ourselves in the volumes... I couldn't resist. It's a logophile's paradise in more ways than one.

And that's why it works!

Thanks for joining me - as always, I appreciate any comments. Play with your scale and let us all know how it goes!