Why it Works Wednesday: A Room Ready for Adventure

Hello everyone and welcome to another

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we find an engaging space and determine exactly why it grabs our attention and our imagination....

This week's room is brought to us by Simplified Bee and the San Francisco Decorator Showcase


Here we have a kid's room that is chic enough to accommodate a wide array of activities and participants. Rather than seeming juvenile, it feels like a glimpse into a secret adventure. What are the elements that join together here to make this space so engaging?

1. Theme


2. Rhythm

The very first impression one gets of this space is that you are ready to go on a forest exploration and the individual elements echo this whole-heartedly. The wallpaper (It was existing! Click through to read about it...) sets the stage, followed by a denim tent-like canopy, complete with iron lantern and stump-like stools including wool plaid - how apt for a camp-out adventure! Even the base of the game table is reminiscent of logs stacked in a campfire.

The zig-zag rhythm not only carries our eye through the room, it inspires thoughts of the adventurous trek through the woods from #1. The existing wallpaper again starts the fun, leading our eye up the peak of the canopy and down to the teepee images on the pillows. We see the same chevrons in the addition of the accordion arm lamp and even the hash-stitching on the stools echoes the playful diagonal.

All of these elements join together to feel adventurous, inviting and cohesive. Ready to explore?

And that's Why it Works!

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All my best to you - create spaces you love so much they actually love you back~