Why it Works Wednesday: Staying Grounded

Hello you wonderful people, you! Thanks for joining our rowdy little bunch for another week of

Why it Works Wednesday

Where we take a well-designed room and get down to the nitty gritty of why it looks so damn good.

This week's image comes to us from Bud Dietrich for Houzz



What is it exactly that makes this room feel like the perfect spot for both an afternoon book club and a quiet evening fireside cocktail? It's a mix of two things:

1. Grounding


2. Scale

This room has gorgeous high ceilings and big windows; always a plus, right? But that can make it feel too open and exposed for a quiet read or an intimate conversation.

In using a dark colored rug with a fairly tight pattern paired with patterned chairs, the bottom of the room is visually heavier making it feel grounded and stable. Now that we aren't floating around in this spacious room, we would also like to make that ceiling feel a little more cozy. The height is visually brought lower by the large crown and then the dark bookcases come down even lower, stepping down the height of the room to a more relatable "person" scale. Without these vertical interruptions the eye would travel a talllllllll line from floor to ceiling. Beautiful, but not what we want to accentuate for a more intimate reading space.

Now through use of grounding and scale, we don't feel untethered in the large space, we feel welcomed. Rather than feeling slightly vacuous and open, the volume of space now feels like room to imagine all of the wonderful images you read about in whichever book you engross yourself within.

And that's why it works!!

Thanks for joining - as always, I am so happy to have you with us! Please pass our little Wednesday group along to your friends, we are an inclusive bunch here. Have a great rest of your week, lovelies.