Why it Works Wednesday: Teamwork within a design

Hello design-lovers!! And welcome back to another fascinating installment of

Why it Works Wednesday!

Where we find a room that makes us giggle like a 5-year-old with a waffle cone full of fro-yo and define exactly what is so yummy about the whole equation …

Today's dynamic space comes to us from Paloma Contreras with La Dolce Vita blog


This sitting room is comfy and dynamic, combining a range of elements, textures and styles that all work together to feel cohesive and inviting. How is this possible?

1. Layered Composition


2. Limited Color Palette

The most compelling part about this space is that each individual element gives up a tiny bit of attention in order to create a more powerful overall composition - way to take on for the team! The clearest example is the layering of the over-sized painting behind other art, an asymmetrically placed pair of lamps and a few well- selected accessories. Rather than being concerned that the splatter painting wouldn't be seen in its entirety, the designer lets the movement and energy contribute to the whole room design concept.

The color palette here is limited to a tiny pie of the color wheel that centers around pink and the hues in close proximity and pairs this pie with neutrals only - black, grey and white balanced by warm brass. This limitation allows for more texture (as in the rug), and allows for a mixture of furniture styles to co-exist and feel intentional. Each piece offering its unique voice to the collage as they serve as additional layers in the larger impact of the space from #1. As Helen Keller said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

And that’s Why it Works!

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