Why it Works Wednesday: Rooms that are unapologetically you

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Why It Works Wednesday!

Where we dissect a great room like a frog on a petrie dish and find out exactly what makes it tick...or hop, or ... you get the idea.

This week's post features one of my favorite interior photos. I believe we can all learn a little something from this gem: A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life.



So here we have a traditional living room, white walls, white trim and a typical furniture arrangement with a sofa and chandelier that obviously have a lot to say for themselves. Why is it that this combination feels not only logical, but actually brings a smile to our faces whether this is your style or not?



2. Unapologetic Individuality

We start with the canvas of beautiful old architecture and the aforementioned white paired with an equally traditional rug in an equally traditional madder red rug (this red dye is from a root, is commonly used in cloth and rug dyeing and dates back to the Egyptians).

But - whoa, cowboy:

The formerly white elephant in this room is the 18th century sofa that has obviously been the recent victim of some markers and a zealous group of children. In most cases, this would be cause for a week (or three) without a cell phone. In this instance, the scribbles become the showstopper - headed up by a rousing number by 'Peter' - the diva of the divan (that kid really likes to take center stage). Whether you like the result or not (personally, I love it) what a way to have an ongoing log of wonderful memories that have taken place in that room, on that sofa - it's the grown up version of that arm cast that you had to suffer through in 4th grade when you walked around with a marker and had all of your friends sign it...call up some friends and make some memories!

In addition to the overtly unique sofa upholstery, we have a few other choice elements that fit into our 1+2 that pull this all together. One of the most obvious is the light fixture. The room needs something with just a little crazy to balance the eccentricity of the sofa. I was unable to source this - and would guess that it is either an extremely expensive designer chandelier or, just as likely, it is a bunch of twigs tied together with Christmas lights. The jagged lines and original shape serve the role of both reasons 1 and 2 for the day. The other balance element that must be appreciated is the fabric on the skirted table to the left. What makes this so dynamic here is that on one hand it is a traditionally inspired pattern. On the other hand it consists of what, in this setting, come across as childlike animals. We see a bunny, a lion, a stag and others that seem as if they have just leapt off of the pages of a fairy tale, an additional reference to our stunning white elephant. Like the light fixture, this one simple inclusion alludes to both of our elements for the day and helps contribute to the overall impression that this room is one tough act to follow.

And that's Why it Works!

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