Why it Works Wednesday: Unified Layers

Good morning and welcome again to the next riveting edition of Why it Works Wednesday!

This is our chance to inspect an interior that makes you go, "mmm hmmm" and figure out what gives it that special something.

This week our room comes from sfgirlbybay

www 4 layeringI  know what you're thinking: Hold up, lady - what is with all those rugs? Can they just not decide which to go with?


Suspend convention for a moment and let's examine the elements. Today's room is based on 2 things:

1. Clean lines


2. Unified layers

Because each selection in this space feels simple, intentional and reserved, the unmatched rugs and layered artwork seems less like a chaotic work in progress and more like a treasured collection made even more harmonious by layers upon layers of subtle variation. The rugs all celebrate linear pattern and seemingly faded color. The artwork all and accessories all focus on fauna executed with simple line and neutral color.

This space exists within clear boundaries of line and detail but within those constraints it lets loose and throws a party. It's a seriously exclusive guest list, but any piece that fits the stringent criteria can join in.

And that's why it works!

I can't wait to read your questions and comments below! What boundaries do you set and how does that free your space for more interest?

Have a wonderful end to your week, lovelies <3