Why it Works Wednesday: Using art to inspire a room

Hello, and welcome to another

Why It Works Wednesday!

Where we take a look at a room that is killer gorgeous and determine what makes it so successful.

Today's inspired dining space is brought to us by Better Homes & Gardens



This bright room is full of an eclectic mix of elements, yet it maintains an inviting cohesiveness. How exactly do all of these elements join together for a harmonious whole?

1. Inspiring Artwork

... that's it folks. 

The successful fact to note here is that though there are disparate elements sharing this space, each is inspired by the focused theme of an art collection.

The vintage Eames molded side chairs are brightly colored but are so simply shaped that they don't fight with the more traditional paintings and surroundings. In fact, the basic forms almost disappear into an impression that they are brushstroke fragments stolen from the canvases above. The shimmering, shifting discs of the chandelier feel like slivers of light that have escaped from the same scenes. The weathered caramel of the floorboards and table seem straight from the trees and even make up the framing that surround them. In using a singular theme of inspired artwork, the juxtapositions in this space become logical, creating a cohesion that is more interesting in its variation.

And that's why it works!

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