Why it's so hard to find the perfect paint color

  As a followup to last week's Mental Space Monday, I would like to say a little more on perspective. One thing I love about helping clients with their homes is that each client has a different vision of what "home" looks like. And guaranteed, it's a great reminder of the diversity of humanity  and it's always interesting. My job is to create "good design" through the filter of their perspective. There is not (usually) just one paint color that will work well in a room, but viable options narrow quickly when you consider who is living there and what brings a smile to their face.



The amazing thing about interiors (mental and physical) is that we can shape them as we like which allows us to choose the shape that best suits us. There is no one right answer, there is no one size fits all or universal version of beautiful. That means that, though it may be hard to define exactly what your interior bliss looks like, once you get it it is tailor made and fits like a glove.