Why it Works Wednesday: Live It Up

Hello!! Welcome back to another

Why it Works Wednesday!

I am so happy to have you today because ... today is my BIRTHDAY!

We are still going to take a look at why space works - today you get a few for the price of one! I like to spread the love on my birthday.

So, what do all of the below have in common....?


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What do all of these spaces have in common, and why does it work?

1. They facilitate life and foster community

This is not rocket science, people. Life is not about pretty rooms. It certainly helps, but it is about those that we share those rooms with and how we spend our oh-so-limited time within them.

I encourage you to take my birthday and not only to celebrate with me, but also to celebrate with those that you love. They are what  make your great rooms worth it in the first place.


I love you - here's to another and another and another inside and outside of great rooms.


Enjoy, my <3s