Our first floor had no personality and did not match our current style. Mandy worked with us to achieve a sophisticated and timeless look that has completely changed the feel of our house; it exceeded our expectation.png
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Interior design? Yes, click here.

But it's all through the lens of what I call Naked Ontology...

and I am looking for you intrepid people who want to Journey Inside with me. We are going to start by getting naked. Yes, really.

On·tol·o·gy (änˈtäləjē) : The study of being. What it means to 'be' and how to be better at it.

It's all about diving into the rabbit hole of our existence. Not only examining what it means to BE, but then asking, "So what?” and discovering how we can use the knowledge that we already have to LIVE BETTER.

Before you jump on board, let me explain what you are getting into … The trip won't always be easy, but I guarantee that it is going to be exhilarating.

Ontology is rooted in Greek meaning the study of being.  Get this: The verb "TO BE" actually comes from a number of different roots including: to remain, to exist and to become. This means within this ONE WORD, there is a simultaneous element of past, present and future. Crazy, right? Our being is bigger than time.  And in stripping down to our core being, we get to explore every little nook and cranny of it on this journey. 

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